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Preschool Playhouse®

Preschool Playhouse®

(Ages 2-5)

To preschoolers, everything is fresh and exciting! The whole world is a playhouse to explore, full of puzzles, wonders, challenges, and new experiences. It seems that every day, preschoolers are growing and learning to do something new—whether its tying their shoes, jumping rope, singing “Jesus Loves Me,” or even beginning to recite the ABCs. They’re full of questions about everything under the sun, always in search of answers and facts.

Even at the earliest stages of learning, preschoolers absorb more than grown-ups may realize. They’re developing knowledge, skills, impressions, and behaviors that will remain with them the rest of their lives. It’s never too early to let children know that God loves them!

Preschool Playhouse® is designed to be colorful and appealing to the inquisitive minds, eyes, and hearts of children ages 2-5. 

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