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Just Like Us

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Participants will discover 12 provocative Old Testament leaders in JUST LIKE US: Biblical Success Models for Our Community, such as patriarchs, judges, kings, and prophets to enrich your life and empower you to inspire others. The book shows how biblical characters’ strengths, assets, liabilities, and issues are connected to many of the struggles believers and the church face today. The selected biblical characters challenge us to stay focused on Jesus and develop ways to work through trials and temptations and to celebrate the joy in the Lord.

Adult Student Book

Each student will have the opportunity to explore and discuss the lives of 12 biblical characters, the spiritual principles their lives teach, and the ways these principles apply to African American lives.

Adult Leader’s Guide

Effectively teach and facilitate meaningful discussion in your classroom or group. Includes lesson focus, key Scripture verses, time management recommendations, teaching tips, and more. 

Adult Workbook 

Provide each student with the opportunity to test their understanding, review key truths, and consider how they can proclaim and actively participate in building successful community models in Christ Jesus.

Adult Leader’s Kit Great Value!

Order the complete adult kit with Adult Student Book, Leader’s Guide, and Student Workbook at a discounted price.