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Over It: How to Face Life’s Hurdles with Grit, Hustle, and Grace

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Three-time Olympian Lolo Jones delivers a tough yet inspiring look into the strategies she has used to overcome immense obstacles on her way to becoming one of the best women's hurdler in the world.

Not always a confident athlete, Lolo Jones's path to becoming a World Champion and Olympian began in childhood with a single mother who worked multiple jobs to support a family of six while her father was serving time in prison. This instilled an overcomer's mindset that gave her the strength she needed to rise above an unstable and impoverished background, earn an economics degree at LSU, and then to establish herself as one of the best women's hurdler in the world.

In Over It, Jones delivers a high-octane dose of no-BS encouragement, storytelling, humor, and practicality that exposes the obstacles that too often hold us back. With the same pluck and boldness that defines Jones in her life and career, she teaches readers how to face their challenges head-on and keep working to overcome them with strength (and joy--if they're willing to work really, really hard). Because even when the obstacles are large and we feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and ready to quit, we’ve got to keep fighting--full force, full speed. We've got to get over it.